Learner-Survey Workshop
on Performance-Focused
Learner Surveys

This workshop provides an in-depth introduction to Performance-Focused Learner Surveys and an opportunity to get certified.

The workshop was designed and will be facilitated by Will Thalheimer, PhD, MBA, author of the award-winning book, Performance-Focused Learner Surveys: Using Distinctive Questioning to Get Actionable Data and Guide Learning Effectiveness. Will’s workshops get rave reviews.

Participant Comments:

The workshop was a wonderful experience and I want to keep learning, growing, and practicing!

I genuinely benefited from this experience. I think it will change the way in which we create our trainings.

I never thought that in my life, I would take a course on survey questions. I didn’t even know it exists until recently! I am very grateful for the opportunity because it provides one puzzle piece to my career as an instructional designer. THANK YOU, Will.

Just thank you. I am so looking forward to continuing with the work. We WILL write better tailored questions and do more evaluations using different methods to get at higher LTEM tiers. I will VIGOROUSLY CHAMPION within my sphere of influence, and I will ADVOCATE when given the opportunity outside my usual sphere of influence.

Next Workshop Runs in May!

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Research Inspired

The book and workshop were inspired by the research on learning, on human cognition, and on learner surveys. The focus is on providing practical foundations for writing and deploying more effective learner-survey questions.

Earn Certification

To earn your Gold Certification designating that you’ve met requirements at the LTEM Tier-5 level of Decision Competence, you’ll have to participate fully, successfully answer two sets of challenging scenario questions, and perform well in two short projects.

Live & Self-Study

The workshop itself was designed based on the learning sciences. It includes three live online sessions to cover key content and enable you to ask questions and clarify your knowledge. It also provides meaningful self-study exercises and two short projects to reinforce the learning.

Will Thalheimer

Will Thalheimer, the workshop creator and facilitator, is one of the preeminent innovators in the workplace learning field, acclaimed for his research-based approach, his accessible presentations, his practical focus, his humor, and his comfortable shoes.

Who is this Workshop For?

Experienced Learning Professionals.

For those who have experience in the learning-and-development field or in education–and those seeking more experience.

For Those Who Want to Be Certified and Those Who Don’t.

  • For those who need or want to be certified, this workshop provides you with the opportunity to earn certification by doing extra work, reading the book, and being successful in performing well on realistic decision scenarios.
  • For those who just want to learn the foundations, you can engage in the live and asynchronous learning activities and discussions and forgo the extra work required to earn gold certification status.

For Those Who Have Read the Book and Those Who Haven’t.

  • For those who have read the book, this workshop provides you with an opportunity (a) to test and reinforce your knowledge, (b) to have access to the guy who created the methodology described in the book (me, Will Thalheimer), (c) to ask questions and clarify concepts, (d) to be sure you’re up-to-date on the latest advances in learners surveys, and (e) to earn your gold certification.
  • For those who haven’t read the book, this workshop provides an opportunity (a) to focus on learning the fundamentals, (b) to get you started on firm footing, ensuring you are correctly understanding the methodology, (c) to motivate you to read the book, and (d) to earn your gold certification.

More Details

The workshop is open to all, but it was designed for experienced learning and performance professionals. The workshop offers flexibility, enabling participants to take the workshop as a learning experience or add to their experience by doing extra work to earn their Gold Certification. There is NO extra charge for certification! Certification requires reading the book, engaging in extra exercises, and successfully answering challenging scenario questions at the LTEM Tier-5 decision-making competence level. Without doing the extra certification work, learning time is about 15 hours–about the same as a two-day in-person workshop. The workshop includes three live sessions and a substantial amount of asynchronous exercises, discussions, and a short project.