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Suppose you need to hire someone on a contract basis in the learning-and-performance field? Or maybe you’re on the other end of the transaction—you have your own business and need to find work?

Do you have to rely on your personal network alone? Can the big job boards help? Do our trade organizations’ job board’s have enough focus on contractors? Is there any way to know what people and organizations are good?

Recently, I’ve come across two organizations that may help, Learning Gurus and Clarity Consultants. This is how they described themselves to me:

Learning Gurus, Inc.

Learning Gurus connects Workplace Learning Professionals with companies that need them. We provide short-term contractors and full-time employees who design and develop training and performance solutions for corporate, government and educational institutions.

Our learning gurus are skilled in areas such as:

* Instructional Design & Development
* Facilitation & Instructor Led Training (ILT)
* Performance Analysis & Needs Assessment
* Project Management
* eLearning, Web-Based Training, On-line Learning
* Multimedia/CBT Development
* Graphics Arts
* Technical Writing & Documentation
* Quality Assurance & Evaluation

There is a trend among workplace learning professionals to move around quite a bit! Many in our field change jobs every 2-3 years, and many more are seeking the flexibility and variety that contract/consulting work offers. In the past, we’ve had to rely on our local professional networks, chance meetings with potential employers, and recruiters who, quite frankly, don’t really "get" what we do. On the flip side, very few companies know where to find quality workplace learning professionals, and it’s not uncommon for them to have an open requisition for 3-6 months. Enter Learning Gurus! Learning Gurus connects workplace learning professionals with the companies that are searching for them. Learning Gurus has a nationwide network of workplace learning professionals who are seeking additional contract and employment opportunities. There are no fees to join the network – your hourly rate or salary is marked up by a small percentage, which is paid by the client. Clients love it because they save valuable time by having Learning Gurus find their resource and they know they’re getting a solid, pre-screened  professional. Workplace learning pros love it because they have their own personal sales and marketing department to find leads, negotiate rates, and handle contracts and payroll. Now that’s a Win-Win!

Karen J. Boyle
Learning Gurus, Inc.
The Source for Workplace Learning Professionals
Office: 619.236.0308

Clarity Consultants

With Clarity Consultants, you can reap the expertise of Big 4 consulting — without paying the Big 4 price.  Clarity Consultants represents hourly consultants with expertise in Instructional Design, Project Management, SAP software implementation, training facilitation and specialized consulting.  Our consultants have proven expertise in Software Implementation, New Hire Training, Sales, Customer Service, Leadership, Technical Training, Business Process and Compliance and other areas of organizational development.  If your company has new software to implement, new products to sell or a new process to roll out to employees, Clarity Consultants can help you.  For over 14 years, we’ve provided Fortune 1000 companies with contract training professionals.  For more info, please visit www.clarityconsultants.com

James Lee
Marketing Associate
(p) 408.369.6558

Are there other organizations that I’m missing? Let me know.