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It has been my pleasure and privilege to co-teach several learning measurement workshops with Dr. Roy Pollock, and to follow the important work that he and his colleagues have done at The Fort Hill Company over the years. I acknowledged their work by awarding Cal Wick, Fort Hill's Founding Father, the Neon Elephant Award back in 2006. I've also reviewed their ground-breaking book, The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning, and have recently reviewed their new book, Getting Your Money's Worth from Training and Development.

Now, I have captured Roy in a video interview, that I think you'll enjoy and learn from.

You can purchase the book by clicking on the Amazon.com link below:

Again, I highly recommend the book. Read my book review to see how much.

This Friday February 6th, Dr. Roy Pollock will join me for a Brown Bag Learning Webinosh (short webinar) to talk about How to Build Measurement into Our Training-Development Processes.

We'll talk about this by reviewing our newly released job aid. Click the link below to get the job aid:

Building Measurement Into Your Training-Development Plan

Roy is co-author of the groundbreaking book, Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning, and the just-released book, "Getting your Money's Worth from Training-and-Development," which is fantastic by the way (see my blog post on this tomorrow).

Click to learn more about the webinar (or sign up now)…

Today, Roy Pollock (CLO of the Fort Hill Company) and I release our job aid, "Building Measurement Into Your Training-Development Plan."

It's not rocket science, but it is our attempt to provide some guidance for how you might better utilize learning measurement.

Good learning measurement enables us to:

  1. Boost Learning Results
  2. Improve Our Learning Designs
  3. Prove Learning's Benefits

Unfortunately, in general we aren't very good at measuring learning. This is not only an embarrassment, but a big missed opportunity to improve our practices and our profession–and to grab a competitive advantage for our organizations.

Roy and I wanted to develop a job aid that would help (1) remind us to plan for measurement, (2) see where and how measurement should be integrated into our training-development plans, and (3) provide the reasoning behind the key steps.

There are two ways to use the job aid. You can use it "as is" to guide your training development. Or, you can utilize the wisdom from the job aid and add the key measurement steps to your own training-development process.

Roy and I will be teaching our learning-measurement workshop at the upcoming eLearning Guild conference in March. We'd be delighted if you would join us. Click to learn more…