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Here's a nice presentation about what makes Steve Jobs a great presenter.

Check it out, then read my comment below:

Here's my comment on this:

Okay, Steve Jobs is great at giving a product-sales presentation. No
doubt about that. But let's not generalize this too far. In my field,
the learning-and-performance field, many of the recommendations made
here are spot on (for example, keep slides simple and relatively
undecorated), BUT some are not relevant (for example, "and one more
thing") and some important things are not mentioned (for example,
provide people with practice opportunities, etc.).

Jobs also
has a big advantage that most of the rest of us don't have. He's a
celebrity. For some reason, deep in human evolution, this gives him our
loving attention.

Presentation characteristics depend on the
audience, purpose, etc. If you acted like Steve Jobs at a scientific
convention, you would not be trusted. If you acted like Steve Jobs in
training people, you would not create long-term remembering of key
learning points.

Again, I'm not criticizing Job's presentation
skills. He's perfect for his audience and purpose. I've even used him
as an example for some of my training-and-development clients. It's
just that we have to be a little discerning in deciding what we can use
of Jobs' repertoire for our particular purposes.