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UPDATE 2014: I’ve been joined by others. Reward is up to $5,000. Click here to see the latest challenge.


 Original Post 2009:

It has been over three years since I offered $1,000 to anyone who could
demonstrate that utilizing learning styles improved learning outcomes. Click here for the original challenge.

So far, no one has even come close.

For all the talk about learning styles over the last 15 years, we might expect that I was at risk of quickly losing my money.

Let me be clear, my argument is not that people don’t have different
learning styles, learning preferences, or learning skills. My argument
is that for real-world instructional-development situations, learning
styles is an ineffective and inefficient waste of resources that is
unlikely to produce meaningful results.

Let me leave you with the original challenge:

“Can an e-learning program that utilizes learning-style information
outperform an e-learning program that doesn’t utilize such information
by 10% or more on a realistic test of learning, even it is allowed to
cost up to twice as much to build?”

The challenge is still on.