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For the last three or four years, I have provided a quiz on the Work-Learning Research website so that you can test your knowledge of research-based instructional-design fundamentals. The 15-item quiz presents you with realistic instructional-design scenarios and asks you to make decisions about which design will produce the best learning. The quiz also provides detailed feedback on each question, so that by taking the quiz, you’re really getting a great learning opportunity for yourself.

When I compiled the results several years ago, the results were astonishing. I won’t tell you how they were astonishing—because I don’t want to bias your input—but they were astonishing. I will leave the quiz up for some time, but I’d like to make a big push in the first two weeks of February of 2007 so that I can publish the results on this blog. So, please take the quiz, and encourage everyone you know who is a learning professional (training, learning, instructional design, e-learning, performance improvement, education) to take the quiz now.

Take the Quiz by Clicking Here

Please take the Quiz by February 15th, 2007 so that I can do a large compilation by the end of the month.

Tell All Your Fellow Learning Professionals to take the Quiz. Send them this Link:


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And feel free to comment on the quiz below.