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In a recent comment, Don Roddy asked why I just started using Twitter.

Answer: I just thought I ought to know about it. I saw Michelle Lentz give a breakfast byte session at DevLearn. She gave some good examples of how it might be used for learning. I thought I ought to check it out.

I admit I'm skeptical.

My Twitter ID: WillWorkLearn, if you want to follow me.

So here's my first observation.

Twitter's one question is, "What are you doing?"

Wouldn't a better question be, "What are you thinking?"

I suppose it would be too complicated to have two options, a thinking-doing dichotomy. Or maybe thinking is doing. But the prompt connotes action, not thinking…And I think I'd rather know what other people are thinking. At least some other people. Maybe Twitter could enable us to elevate some people to the "What are you thinking?" level, while keeping most in "What are you doing?" level.

Anyway, if you've been thinking you want to check Twitter out, come join me for the ride. It's free to use. Apparently they don't have a business model.

I do think Twitter might be an excellent way to stay in touch with my family. I'm going to see if I can talk them into it.