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From Will Thalheimer


After 22 years as a solo consultant at Work-Learning Research, I’m making a dazzling, flying leap to a whole new mountain. I am thrilled to announce that I have joined TiER1 Performance as a Principal!

Some of you who have followed my work over the years may have questions. “Why, Will Thalheimer, are you making this leap? Why TiER1? What about all the articles, documents, posts, videos, and models you’ve created—will they still be available? If my organization needs you to provide guidance, consulting, workshops, or speaking, can we still get your assistance? What about your public availability? Will you still pay $5,000 for the Learning Styles Challenge? Will you still be a leader at LDA? Will you still wear blue shoes to your keynotes?”

These are all great questions! Thanks for asking!

If you prefer to skip to my video announcement, you can see that below or access it on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/Gh7ryPf2EDM.

Who is TiER1 Performance?

TiER1 is an amazing and benevolent powerhouse of an organization! It’s a full-service performance-improvement company that helps organizations activate their business strategies through their people. TiER1 is employee-owned and a Certified B-Corporation, meaning it looks out for customers, employees, communities, and the environment. TiER1’s mission is to improve organizations through the performance of people—to help people do their best work, and to build a better world.

I am in awe of TiER1’s results in helping a vast array of companies and organizations, including Abbott, Boston Beer Company, Delta, Lilly, FedEx, GE, Google, NASA, National Science Foundation, Proctor & Gamble, Salesforce, and Takeda.

I am in awe of TiER1’s people! The range of expertise is amazing: eLearning, change management, organizational development, cognitive science, creative, communications, technology, industrial-organizational psychology, project management, performance experience design—and most importantly, a getting-stuff-done mindset.

I am in awe of how my TiER1 colleagues work with clients and work with each other. I am in awe of TiER1’s values! I am in awe of TiER1’s leadership, which comes from everyone in the organization, by the way, and also from the top! I’m sure I’m in the glow of the honeymoon, but I couldn’t be happier to be a member of the TiER1 team!

To sign up for the TiER1 Performance Performance-Matters Newsletter grab this link: https://tier1performance.com/performance-matters-newsletter-signup/

What About Your Work-Learning Research Assets?

The Work-Learning Research materials and website will not go away! Everything will still be free to the public. I will still maintain the website in my spare time, and you’ll still be able to stay in touch with me via my various websites and mailing lists.

What About Your Books?

I’m still working on the second edition of my Performance-Focused Learner Survey book (It’s 99.34% written). Probable publication date will be mid 2021. I’m also still working on my new book, The CEOs Guide to Training, eLearning & Work: Reshaping Learning into a Competitive Advantage. Probable publication date early 2022, but I’m going to try to get this out earlier if I can. You will learn about the release of these books if you’re on one of my mailing lists. See below.

What About Your Public Activities?

I will still make myself available—when scheduling allows—to share research-inspired practical wisdom through keynotes, conference presentations, webinars, podcasts, articles, blog posts, and more. Matt Richter and I will continue our Truth In Learning Podcast. I will continue to lead my Presentation Science Boot Camp online workshop and my Performance-Focused Learner Survey online workshop—now through TiER1 Performance. I will still be active in LDA (the Learning Development Accelerator), leading with Matt Richter and the Executive Advisory Board, and facilitating Learning Insights Weekly, a weekly collaborative learning experience for LDA members. I will also be leading work-performance-focused learning events for TiER1’s Performance Institute—an incredible new learning space coming in March. Sign up below to be notified.

Are You Still Available for Consulting, Speaking, Workshops?

YES! I’m still the same charming consultant you’ve always known and loved, but now I can work in partnership with an amazing team—a full-service performance-improvement company. Where before, I could only do small to midsize projects, now I can work with my TiER1 teammates to take on huge and strategic projects, helping your organization transform its practices, pivot its business strategy, reimagine its L&D function, build a learning-measurement system, organize major change initiatives, build out a whole curriculum of online learning, and much, much more. Also, stay tuned for something I will be helping to give birth to—the TiER1 Performance Institute.

What About Those Blue Shoes?

The blue shoes will still be my go-to option, but more important even than a comfortable signature style, let us all hope that someday soon we will all be together in the same room—able to once again admire each other’s shoes!
Best of all, BLUE is TiER1’s dominant branding color!

How Can I Get in Touch with You?

First, I recommend you sign up for the TiER1 Performance Matters newsletter. Here’s the link: https://tier1performance.com/performance-matters-newsletter-signup/

Second, if you want to set up a meeting with me to talk about your organization’s needs, here’s my calendar link.

Finally, if you’d like to send me an email, you can do that by putting the pieces together: w . thalheimer @ tier1 performance .com

Sorry for making you do some work on that email, but I would prefer less spam! SMILE

My Announcement Video

In today’s video world, some of you may prefer my six-minute video announcement.