• We are Learning Professionals

    And sometimes the job is tough!

  • Not Everyone is Hungry to Learn

    But we persevere to help in any way we can…

  • Management May Not Give Enough Support

    But we make learning happen no matter what…

  • We Are Sold Myths and Misrepresentations

    But we dig tirelessly for sources of research-based information…

  • We Are Told To Stick to Traditional Tried and True Recipes

    But we animate our work with creativity and bold experimentation…

  • Shiny New Objects Are Put In the Spotlight

    But we stay true to the fundamentals of learning even when we innovate…

  • When Our Work or Expertise is Questioned

    We keep our gaze high… stay respectful… and work to motivate change…

  • We Stay Joyful in Our Investigations

  • We Seek Nourishment in What We Do

  • Even When Things are Hard to Swallow

  • We Keep At It

  • We Know Who We Are

    We are learning professionals making a difference in people’s lives…

We as Learning Professionals

We help people know what they didn’t know before

We help people do what they couldn’t do before

and sometimes

We help people become who they couldn’t be before

Our work is important.

We have a responsibility to do it well.