The Presentation Science Workshop

Will Thalheimer’s Presentation Science Workshop has been hailed as a profoundly effective learning experience.

  • “Love this course. It’s the best online course I’ve taken–ever!”
  • Presentation Science is the best workshop if you want to significantly improve your presentation skills! It’s not about creating flashy PowerPoint slides, but about learning, engaging, remembering and inspiring action!
  • “I’d set the price at $1,000 minimum personally! In my opinion, it is worth $10,000 in the first 6 months once a person has successfully applied this!
  • “The Presentation Science Workshop is an excellent course to learn the knowledge and apply the skills for preparing, delivering, and evaluating effective presentations, based upon the science of presenting.
  • “Excellent presentations aren’t created or delivered by chance. There’s plenty of research to support the most effective practices. Dr. Will Thalheimer’s Presentation Science course is for everyone who is serious about engaging their audience, helping them to learn, remember and take action— and it’s all backed up by science. Take the course. Become the best presenter you can be. Your audience will love you.”
  • “This is such a great course. The skills learned stretch so far beyond simply presenting – they help you in all of your in-person interactions. I highly recommend this course to everyone!”
  • Will Thalheimer’s Presentation Science Workshop provides a TON of strategies, tactics, and tools backed up by learning science that will help you transform your bullet-riddled, mind-numbing PowerPoint presentations into meaningful, memorable, motivating, and (yes!) magnificent learning events.

The Presentation Science Philosophy

  • It’s a privilege to present, so we ought to do our damnedest to be effective.
  • Presenting is one of the most complex of human activities, bringing together persuasion, compassion, empathy, visual design, drama, timing, sound, pace, storytelling—as well us learning and cognition.
  • Audiences are there to get something out of the experience, and because of that, we can’t forget the importance of learning for every presentation.
  • By seeing our audience members as learners, we can unlock the secrets of presentations to help audiences to ENGAGE, COMPREHEND, REMEMBER, and ACT.

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