PowerPoint Kills

Using the Science of Learning

to Help Your Audience

Engage, Learn, Remember, and Act

Most presentations fail the attention test. Your mind wanders. You check out. You don’t fully get what the presenter is saying. Time is wasted. Productivity wanes. And we start all over again!

Let’s face the truth. You and I—and damned well everybody—are part of the problem. We kill when we us PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi and all the rest. And if we don’t kill, we don’t maximize! We are not getting the most out of our presentations—and neither is our audience.

This crappy state of presentations has been going on for decades. We may have taken presentation-skills courses. We make have taken training on how to use PowerPoint, etc. None of this has fixed the problem.

Now, finally, there is hope.

Dr. Will Thalheimer, noted learning expert—consultant to the Navy Seals, Oxfam, Bloomberg, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—is developing a master class on how to use PowerPoint and other presentation tools to help your audience:

  • Engage
  • Learn
  • Remember
  • Act

ELRA! is based on the science of learning and cognition. It is the third wave of presentation-performance training. First we learn the tools. Second we learn presentation skills. Third—and most critically—we start at the foundation. We explore the inner workings of human cognition and functioning and work backwards to presentation motifs that align with our audiences’ learning systems.

Learning is the key! As presenters we certainly want our audiences to be engaged, but engagement alone is just entertainment. Great presenters aim higher—to help their audiences to learn, to remember what they learned so they can use the learning later, to propel their audiences to act so they can actually gain the benefits intended.

Dr. Thalheimer’s master class will be open to all.

  • Teachers
  • Trainers
  • Professors
  • Keynote Speakers
  • Conference Presenters
  • CEO’s and Senior Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Salespeople
  • Military Leaders
  • Coaches
  • Researchers
  • Politicians (god help us)
  • Religious Leaders
  • College Students

Will Thalheimer speaks the hard truths! This won’t be some namby-pamby neuro-babble BS baloneyfication of platitudes. Will’s master class will provide powerful practical ideas for how you can seriously improve your presentations using PowerPoint or your presentation tool of choice. Will’s recommendations will be inspired by the sciences of learning, cognition, memory, instruction, training, persuasion, creativity, and behavior change.

How much will you pay for a learning experience that changes everything about how you connect, inspire, and enable excellence in your audience—in your learners? They are your learners! How much will you pay to truly reach them?

You won’t believe it when we tell you. Those of you with means—or let us put it this way—those of you with bulging wallets and rich-person affectations would pay tens of thousands of dollars for this. Those of you with healthy upper-middle luxuries would pay thousands. Those of us who simply aspire to have more—or be more—might pay several hundreds to join such a learning experience.

What do you want to pay for this? How about one hundred and forty-nine dollars? Yes, read it again. This is what Will Thalheimer wants you to pay. Here’s his thinking. It’s a dual-path, so pay close attention. First, a low price makes the workshop viral-enabled, meaning that you’ll finish the workshop and you’ll love it so much that you’ll want to tell all your friends and coworkers. And, the price is so damned reasonable that you won’t have any hesitancy about recommending the course. Even if you’re filthy rich you’ll recommend it because you’ll be signalling your workingman or workingwoman bona fides! That’s okay. We all want to be loved!

So the first reason for a low price is that the workshop will go viral and we’ll be able to recoup our investment and reap the rewards of the free enterprise system, for what it’s worth. Second, a low price is the ultimate socially-responsible contribution we can make before climate disruption burns, floods, or freezes what’s left of humanity. Doesn’t almost all of humanity sit through boring, inept, ineffectual presentations at one point or another? If this workshop went viral; you, yourself, and your family would benefit. Your fellow townspeople would benefit. Your countrymen and countrywomen would benefit. All of humanity would benefit!

Look! It’s not just sitting in awful presentations that’s the only problem. It’s that the presentations don’t unleash the power and potential of the audience to act! Audiences may be engaged, but not learn. They may learn something critically important about how to cure cancer, fight poverty, slow climate disaster; but they may forget what they learned or fail to know how to act.

Think of the ripple effect of the failed-presentation infection! If I don’t enable ELRA—again we want our audience to Engage, Learn, Remember, and Act—if I don’t enable ELRA, the 100 people in my audience don’t act, and the 10,000 people in their audiences don’t act, and the million people in their audiences don’t act, and on and on and on into the abyss.

This master class may not fully live up to the grandiose expectations of the previous paragraph—after all it is focuses simply on how to make you a much better user of PowerPoint and similar presentation tools—but Will’s workshop does have the highest of aspirations.

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