The Performance-Focused Smile Sheet Workshop

Classroom Options: Full-Day, Half-Day, and Hybrid Versions

Three Classroom Workshop Options

There are three classroom-workshop options, all taught by Will Thalheimer, the author of the award-winning book.

  • Full-Day: About six hours of classroom interaction.
  • Half-Day: About three hours of classroom interaction.
  • Hybrid: Classroom interaction followed by an online experience. Tailored to your requirements.

Alternatively: Individuals or teams can enroll in our Online-Anytime Gold-Certification workshop.

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What’s in the Workshop?

  • Learning Modalities: Visual-enhanced concept presentation, reflection questions, scenario questions, discussions, Q&A, formative practice.
  • LTEM Assessment Level: Tier-3A, Performance-Focused Smile Sheets. Hybrid versions can up this to Tier 5, with the addition of realistic decision-making scenarios.

Your Organization’s Investment:

  • Full Day: $9,500 (includes travel within contiguous US), plus $75 per participant workbook fee.
  • Half Day: $8,500 (includes travel within contiguous US), plus $75 per participant workbook fee.
  • Hybrid: Negotiated depending upon your requirements.


Those successfully completing the workshop will almost certainly exhibit these behavioral tendencies:

  • A healthy skepticism about traditional learner surveys.
  • A heightened ability to diagnose the many problems of traditional learner-survey questions.
  • A clear sense of the research on traditional learner surveys.
  • A clear point of view on the limitations of Likert-like and numeric scales.
  • A fundamental appreciation on how well learners are able to diagnose their own learning.
  • A realistic sensitivity about what learner surveys can do—and what they can’t do.
  • An increased ability to avoid falling for improper vendor arguments for poorly-designed learner surveys.
  • A strong belief that learner surveys should NOT be our only source of feedback.
  • A profound sensitivity to how the wording of answer choices affects responding.
  • A strong motivation to champion improved evaluation practices within his/her organization.
  • An unwavering goal of using learner survey questions to focus on learning effectiveness, not just learner satisfaction and course reputation.
  • An ability to begin the process of writing improved learner-survey questions.

Clarity on Expectations: The workshop will lay the foundation for writing improved learner-survey questions but will not, by itself, make participants expert question writers. Guided and iterative practice with extensive coaching is required for true expertise. Those who are successful in this workshop, will almost certainly be able to write significantly better questions than are found on traditional smile sheets, but they will not yet be experts.

Unless you choose the hybrid version that includes two assessments, no credential is offered for these workshops. Alternatively, participants are welcome to enroll in our Gold-Certification Online-Anytime Workshop, which provides a certification.

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