The LTEM Boot Camp

Since its original publication in 2018, LTEM (The Learning-Transfer Evaluation Model) has rocketed throughout the world into the boardrooms and workspaces of the most enlightened learning-and-development units. A clear upgrade and replacement for the Kirkpatrick-Katzell Four Level Model, LTEM was created to align with the latest science of learning and to enable organizations to capture data that measures impact, supports learners, and maximizes the effectiveness of your learning designs—all the while creating continuous cycles of improvement for your programs and learning teams.

Since its publication, LTEM has been utilized in a variety of ways throughout the world. LTEM has provided a map for learning evaluation, motivated learning teams to use more effective learning designs, improved conversations with stakeholders in determining learning goals, facilitated the sales process, and unleashed a wave of creativity and innovation in learning evaluation.

Work-Learning Research is thrilled to announce that the creator of LTEM–our industry’s top innovator in learning evaluation–Dr. Will Thalheimer, is offering an intensive bootcamp workshop to prepare learning professionals to use LTEM and bring wisdom into the learning-evaluation process.



The LTEM Framework is the first learning-evaluation model that takes the Science of Learning into account, that nudges us toward good evaluation practices, that points out harmful evaluation methods, that brings learners themselves back into focus.


The LTEM Workshop goes beyond checklists and make-work projects and provides a deep understanding of the concepts and principles of learning evaluation, enabling participants to make informed decisions when faced with the difficult tradeoffs involved in evaluation.


Where some evaluation workshops drill on esoteric measurement jargon, the LTEM workshop will focus on high-leverage improvements that can be made quickly, including radically improved learner surveys, measurement-first learning design, and scenario questions.


Will Thalheimer, the workshop creator and facilitator, is one of the preeminent innovators in the workplace learning field, acclaimed for his research-based approach, his accessible presentations, his practical focus, his humor, and his comfortable shoes.

The Journey

The LTEM Workshop is designed to get your team ready to make significant improvements in your evaluation practices. Instead of focusing on everything at a surface level, the workshop will drill down to ensure your team is ready to get started and hit the ground running.

Learning evaluation is a complex and confounding area of practice, one that must be mastered over time, through learning, experience, reflection, coaching, as well as through experimentation and cycles of continuous improvement.

The workshop will get your team started—and Work-Learning Research can provide subsequent support in terms of coaching, materials development, review, feedback, and educational sessions to your key stakeholders. We are primarily a consulting operation, not just a training operation—and we believe to our core that follow-up support must be an option. We will be there for you before and after the workshop if you’d like to engage us in additional ways.

Our Next Open-Enrollment Workshop

January 2024

The Inaugural Open-Enrollment LTEM Boot Camp.
Live Sessions: (10:30am-12:00noon New York Time) January 9th, 11th, 16th, 18th, 23rd, 25th.
Self-Guided Work, including readings, exercises, discussions and projects (total about 11 hours).

Price Per Person: Discounted to $885 for first 20 people enrolled before Dec. 10th. (regular price: $1,495).

Learning Hours: 20

Live Session Times: Tuesday and Thursday
At 10:30am to 12:00noon (New York Time)

Discounts: An Amazing 25% OFF for
Nonprofits, B-Corps, Students, Retired, Unemployed.
Only one discount can be applied