The Learning Audit Workshop

When we want to create maximally effective learning, it’s critical to use proven practices while avoiding ineffective and wasteful approaches. Will Thalheimer’s learning-audit work is based on 20+ years of practical experience utilizing research-based insights in learning. He has helped organizations like the Navy Seals, the National Parks Service, ADP (Automatic Data Processing), Walgreens, Harvard Business School Online, and others with our industry-leading learning-audit services.

Our learning-audit workshops are part learning audit, part training, part team-building. These workshops were born in Will’s work with the Navy Seals, who needed a research-based method to audit their training, but couldn’t wait for their 65-week training to be audited. Your team will experience intensive learning combined with opportunities to apply research-benchmarking techniques to your organization’s learning interventions. The learning-audit workshop will have your team coming together in strategic planning, deciding on major design improvements, the low-hanging fruit to quick-fix, and a plan for next steps. This powerful immersive experience is designed to be transformative, both for your team members and for your organization’s learning!



The Learning Audit Workshop uses research-inspired criteria as guideposts, including The Decisive-Dozen most important learning factors and the Learning Maximizers goal-setting framework.


The Learning Audit Workshop empowers you team by engaging them in analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s learning programs or emerging learning designs.


To ensure your organization’s learning interventions are as effective as possible even given your organizational constraints, the workshop is grounded in practical science-of-learning recommendations.


Will Thalheimer, the workshop creator and facilitator, is one of the preeminent innovators in the workplace learning field, acclaimed for his research-based approach, his accessible presentations, his practical focus, his humor, and his blue shoes.

The Journey

The Learning Audit Workshop is designed to get your team ready to make significant improvements in your learning-design practices. Instead of focusing on everything at a surface level, the workshop will drill down to ensure your team is ready to get started and hit the ground running.

The Learning Audit Workshop will take your team through a variety of critical learning factors, enabling the team to research-benchmark its own practices. This design supports and empowers your team to develop deep insights while motivating them to plan their own path forward.

The workshop will get your team started—and Work-Learning Research can provide subsequent support in terms of coaching, materials development, review, feedback, and educational sessions to your key stakeholders. We are primarily a consulting operation, not just a training operation—and we believe to our core that follow-up support must be an option. We will be there for you before and after the workshop if you’d like to engage us in additional ways.