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The Book — Second Edition

Performance-Focused Learner Surveys provides a research-inspired approach to surveying learners, gathering meaningful data, and reporting results with clarity. Based on years of practical experience, this second-edition expands on the original classic. It shows how to achieve three goals in evaluation: (1) measuring learning effectiveness, (2) producing actionable results, and (3) sending messages that nudge action.


Will teaches workshops — online or in person, open-enrollment or private for your organization — providing participants with fundamental concepts and skills, practice, reflection, and job-realistic challenges. Through the Thalheimer Academy, workshop participants can earn credits for course completion or can go the extra mile and earn Gold and Platinum Certification. Contact Will directly at our contact page to set up a workshop for your organization or visit our workshop page (by clicking the “Workshops” header here).

Learner-Survey Development

Organizations of all types, from large pharmaceutical companies, to global nonprofits, to trade associations, to global media conglomerates, to advertising firms have asked Will Thalheimer to lead them in building new learner surveys. While there is no one right way to do this, typically the process begins with educating the organization’s key stakeholders about the new methodology. This is followed by uncovering the goals for the learning metrics and then building iterative drafts until a pilot version (or versions) are ready. Piloting is done, lessons learned are gathered, and final modifications are made to create a new set of learner-survey questions — ones that are much improved in gathering data on learning effectiveness.

Free Diagnostic

If you’d like to put your organization’s current learner survey to the test, you can do that by using my FREE learner-survey diagnostic. It can be accessed directly by using the nearby button.