We Build eLearning

We build online learning within our Work-Learning Academy cloud-based platform. We’ve built our own courses, with rave revues such as “Love this course. It’s the best online course I’ve taken–ever!”

  • Cloud-based (No messy installations)
  • Beyond webinar-based learning designs
  • Research-informed learning design
  • Rapid development
  • Scenario-based assessments available
  • Performance-focused smile sheets available
  • Full evaluations based on LTEM available

To learn what we can do—and what we can’t—contact Will Thalheimer here.

We can build your elearning from the ground up or act as your design consultant. We can work with your staff to enable them to facilitate the learning, create their own videos, design their own interactions, build their own assessments.

For over twenty one years, we’ve led the world in providing research-based wisdom for learning professionals. We are experts on learning design, and because of the increased demand for effective online learning, we are now making our skills available for elearning development.

Check out our most recent online course, Presentation Science: How to Get Your Audience to Engage, Learn, Remember, and Act.