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Goal clarification, strength diagnosis, development recommendations, monitoring, support.

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Accelerate Your Development

The learning-and-performance field is tricky business. We are awash in perspectives, and tools, and practices. Our field is hard to navigate. What Will Thalheimer provides in his coaching experiences is perspective and wisdom from a lifetime of experience doing good work. He'll start understanding your goals, near-term and long-term. He'll ask permission to challenge you to see things differently, to diagnose your areas of strength and weakness, to assign you challenges and readings and experiences. Once you've set your goals, Will will help you monitor your progress and stay true to your hopes and aspirations. If you want, he'll look at your work products and give feedback, he'll analyze your designs, he'll read your writing. Every step of the way, Will will support you in your efforts to develop yourself.

From a Leader in Learning

Will Thalheimer has seen it all. He's been a trainer, instructional designer, elearning designer and developer, simulation architect, project manager, product leader, consultant, entrepreneur, speaker, author, researcher, conference organizer, and thought leader. He's worked with thousands of organizations off all types, from the US Navy Seals, Oxfam, the CDC, Bloomberg, Walgreens, Harvard Business Online, the Gates Foundation, the World Bank, and many other organizations, universities, and trade groups. He's been a leader in the learning-and-development field, known for his LTEM learning-evaluation framework, his award-winning book on Performance-Focused Learner Surveys, the Decisive Dozen, the Learning Maximizers, the SEDA model, his work on the Serious eLearning Manifesto, his leadership of The Debunker Club, his work co-founding the industry-membership organization, LDA (the Learning-Development Accelerator). He's got incredible wisdom about how to navigate our work and careers.

Plan Your Career and Next Steps

Our field is filled with a wide variety of opportunities, but many remain hidden or hard to grasp. Whether you are new to our field or are a seasoned professional, there may be roads that are unknown or blocked for you. Navigating a career can range from opportunistic to planned, but regardless, you need to be ready to take the next step. In his coaching engagements, Will will help you explore your values, what makes you happy, what drives you crazy, who should you surround yourself with; to find joy, to learn, to grow, to make a difference. If you'd like, Will will seek out people in our industry with whom you can network, learn, and connect with. He'll encourage you to set out a broad vision for your future, one that inspires but doesn't constrict. Will's goal is to help you clarify your goals and move toward them.

The Coaching Value Proposition

When does an investment in coaching make sense?

  • New to the Learning-and-Development Field

    When the learning field is a cacophony of confusion and you don’t know where to start.

  • Exploring Future Career Choices

    When it’s time for you to think beyond your current work role. When it’s time to get unstuck. When it’s time to fly!

  • Aligning with Research-Inspired Best Practices

    When you want to up your game in using evidence-based practices, but you want guidance on what to learn.

  • Developing Wisdom about Learning Evaluation

    When you want to avoid the many myths and misconceptions in learning evaluation or fine-tune your practices.

  • Being Your Best as CLO or Learning Executive

    When you want guidance on learning, evaluation, change, leadership, research, to be the leader you aspire to be.

  • Diagnosing Strengths & Opportunities for Improvement

    When you want a check up, when you want to explore who you are, and where you might be able to go.