Performance-Focused Learner Surveys

Gold Certification

Will Thalheimer’s GOLD Certification in Performance-Focused Learner Surveys indicates that the people named below have successfully completed a rigorous workshop introducing the fundamentals of how to survey learners to gauge learning effectiveness. GOLD Certificate holders have performed successfully in an LTEM Tier-5 Assessment, demonstrating that they showed competence in realistic decision scenarios.

GOLD Certificate holders may apply to earn Platinum Certification. This advanced certification requires additional efforts in learning and application. Those earning platinum certification will be required to demonstrate competence at the LTEM Tier-6 and Tier-7 levels, demonstrating skills in building and utilizing performance-focused learner surveys in both practical exercises and real-world application. Those interested in Platinum Certification should contact Will Thalheimer directly.

Those interested in becoming GOLD certified should enroll in Will Thalheimer’s certification workshop at our Workshop Page.

The following people are GOLD Certified in Performance-Focused Learner Surveys: