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Rewards for Learning? Be Careful!!

Jonathon Levy, currently Senior Learning Strategist at the Monitor Group, tells the story from his days as Vice President at Harvard Business School Publishing. The story is funny and sad at the same time, but it’s very instructive on several fronts. Levy’s client decided that he would award end-of-year Christmas bonuses based on how successful […]

Call for Examples of Spacing Effect

In 2002, I wrote an article entitled, E-Learning’s Unique—And Seemingly Unknown—Capability. In essence, I was talking about the spacing effect—about facilitating learning by enabling learners to reconnect with key learning points over time. I specifically stated the following: “Among all the learning media, e-learning is the only one that has the potential to have meaningful […]

The Not-So-Straight Poop

What is the median age when children are potty trained? Pick the choice that is closest to the actual figure. Go ahead and pick an answer before you read further—just for the heck of it. 1 year old 2 years old 3 years old   Most Americans are likely to choose the second and third […]