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Presentation Science Webinar with Mike Taylor

Last week I hosted a short webinar with Mike Taylor on PowerPoint tricks—specifically those aligned with my Presentation Science Workshop. Take a look below and consider reaching out to Mike at his website for Slide Design, Learning Design, and more…  


Major Research Review on Learning Transfer

For over two years I’ve been compiling and analyzing the research on learning transfer as it relates to workplace learning and development. Today I am releasing my findings to the public. Here is the Overview from the Research-to-Practice Report: Learning transfer—or “training transfer” as it is sometimes called—occurs when people learn concepts and/or skills and […]


Futility and Error in Learning Industry Awards

Industry awards are hugely prominent in the workplace learning field and send a ripple of positive and negative effects on individuals and organizations. Awards affect vendor and consultant revenues and viability, learning department reputations and autonomy, individual promotion, salary, and recruitment opportunities. Because of their outsized influence, we should examine industry award processes to determine […]

Can George Clooney Make Your Training Sexy?

Christian Unkelbach and Fabia Högden, researchers at the Universität zu Köln, reviewed research on how pairing celebrities—or other stimuli—can imbue objects with characteristics that might be beneficial. Their article in Current Directions in Psychological Science (2019, 28(6), 540–546), titled Why Does George Clooney Make Coffee Sexy? The Case for Attribute Conditioning, described earlier research that […]

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Presentation Science Workshop — First Graduations

Last month I released a new online, self-paced workshop called Presentation Science: How to Help Your Audience to Engage, Learn, Remember, and Act. The workshop is comparable to a two-day workshop and comprises about 12.5 hours of work, including videos, scenario questions, reflection questions, discussions, and a final assessment.   People are beginning to “graduate” […]


Seven Ways to use LTEM by Matt Richter

For those of you who don’t know Matt Richter, President of the Thiagi Group, he’s one of the most innovative thinkers when it comes to creating training that both sizzles and supports work performance. Recently, Matt and I began partnering in a new podcast, Truth In Learning, which I’ll have more to say about later […]


Learner Survey Results are NOT Correlated with Learning Results

People keep asking me for references to the claim that learner surveys are not correlated—or are virtually uncorrelated—with learning results. In this post, I include them, with commentary.     Major Meta-Analyses Here are the major meta-analyses (studies that compile the results of many other scientific studies using statistical means to ensure fair and valid […]


Performance-Focused Smile Sheet Questions for 2019

Every year or so, based on work with clients and new analysis, I like to provide to the public an updated recommended set of smile-sheet questions (free).   You can access the New Questions by clicking here.   Related Resources Smile Sheet Book LTEM (Learning-Transfer Evaluation Model) Gold-Certification Course on Performance-Focused Smile Sheets