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Bob Mager’s Was Only Half Right about Learning Objectives

This is NOT a post about Bob Mager. It is something else entirely. In probably the best video I will ever create, I made the case that learning professionals and learners should NOT receive the same set of learning objectives. The rationale is this: Because objectives are designed to guide behavior, how could one statement […]

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2018 in Review: Engineering the Future of Learning Evaluation

My Year In Review 2018—Engineering the Future of Learning Evaluation In 2018, I shattered my collarbone and lay wasting for several months, but still, I think I had one of my best years in terms of the contributions I was able to make. This will certainly sound like hubris, and surely it is, but I […]


Evaluating Learning for Your Business Stakeholders. Warning!!

At a recent industry conference, a speaker, offering their expertise on learning evaluation, said this: “As a discipline, we must look at the metrics that really matter… not to us but to the business we serve.” Unfortunately, this is one of the most counterproductive memes in learning evaluation. It is counterproductive because it throws our […]

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Neon Elephant Award 2018

    15th December 2018 Neon Elephant Award Announcement Dr. Will Thalheimer, President of Work-Learning Research, Inc., announces the winner of the 2018 Neon Elephant Award, given to Clark Quinn for writing the book Millennials, Goldfish & Other Training Misconceptions: Debunking Learning Myths and Superstitions, and for his many years advocating for research-based practices in […]


New Research on Learning Evaluation — Conducted with The eLearning Guild

Released Today: Research Report on Learning Evaluation Conducted with The eLearning Guild. Report Title: Evaluating Learning: Insights from Learning Professionals. I am delighted to announce that a research effort that I led in conjunction with Dr. Jane Bozarth and the eLearning Guild has been released today. I’ll be blogging about our findings over the next […]

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Michael Allen’s Question about the Last Thing in Training

At a recent online discussion held by the Minnesota Chapter of ISPI, where they were discussing the Serious eLearning Manifesto, Michael Allen offered a brilliant idea for learning professionals. Michael’s company, Allen Interactions, talks regularly with prospective clients. It is in this capacity that Michael often asks this question (or one with this gist): What is […]