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Video: Thalheimer Makes the Case for Two Learning Innovations

I’ve had the distinct honor of being invited to speak at the Learning Technologies conference in London for three years in a row. This year, I talked about two learning innovations: Performance-Focused Learner Surveys LTEM (The Learning-Transfer Evaluation Model) It was a hand-raising experience! Most importantly, they have done a great job capturing my talk […]

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Thanks to the eLearning Guild for Guild Master Award

I want to thank David Kelly and the eLearning Guild for awarding me the prestigious title of Guild Master. Guild Masters including an amazing list of folks, including lots of research-to-practice legends like Ruth Clark, Julie Dirksen, Clark Quinn, Jane Bozarth, Karl Kapp, and others who utilize research-based recommendations in their work. Delighted to be […]

Evaluation Models by RedThread Research

Dani Johnson at RedThread Research has just released a wonderful synopsis of Learning Evaluation Models. Comprehensive, Thoughtful, Well-Researched! It also has suggestions of articles to read!!! This work is part of an ongoing effort to research the learning-evaluation space. With research sponsored by the folks at the adroit learning-evaluation company forMetris, RedThread is looking to […]

The Difficulty of Analyzing Comment Questions — And a Solution

As I preach in my workshops on how to create better learner-survey questions (for example my Gold-Certification workshop on Performance-Focused Smile Sheets), open-ended comment questions are very powerful questions. Indeed, they are critical in our attempts to truly understand our learners’ perspectives. Unfortunately, to get the most benefit from comment questions, we have to take […]

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Will Thalheimer Announces The Work-Learning Academy

I’d like to announce that the first certification workshop for my new Work-Learning Academy is almost ready to launch. The first course? Naturally, it’s a course on how to create effective learner surveys—on Performance-Focused Smile Sheets. I’m thrilled—ecstatic really—because I’ve wanted to do something like this for years and years, but the elements weren’t quite […]

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Using LTEM to Communicate the Strength of Credentials (and the Effectiveness of Learning)

LTEM, the Learning-Transfer Evaluation Model, was designed as an alternative to the Kirkpatrick-Katzell Four-Level Model of learning evaluation. It was designed specifically to better align learning evaluation with the science of human learning. One way in which LTEM is superior to the Four-Level Model is in the way it highlights gradations of learning outcomes. Where […]

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What Learning Evaluation Metrics are We Using? Indexed by LTEM!

For years, we have used the Kirkpatrick-Katzell Four-Level Model to evaluate workplace learning. With this taxonomy as our guide, we have concluded that the most common form of learning evaluation is learner surveys, that the next most common evaluation is learning, then on-the-job behavior, then organizational results. The truth is more complicated. In some recent […]