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New Book: Design Thinking for Training and Development

Design Thinking is all the rage! Even now in the Learning & Development field. A powerful methodology if done right, but a process that can go wrong when applied inappropriately to learning design. In their new book, Sharon Boller and Laura Fletcher show us how to use design thinking right—when we apply it to learning […]


Do NOT buy Performance-Focused Smile Sheet Book

Today is May 15, 2020. This week, I asked my publisher to take all 254 remaining copies of Performance-Focused Smile Sheets and throw them in the recycling bin! Yes! The book was one of the most important books written in the learning-and-development field over the last decade. But I threw it out! Why? Because I’m […]

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Will Thalheimer Interviewed by Learnnovators

The LEARNNOVATORS team (specifically Santhosh Kumar) asked if I would join them in their Crystal Balling with Learnnovators interview series, and I accepted! They have some really great people on the series, I recommend that you check it out! The most impressive thing was that they must have studied my whole career history and read […]

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Presentation Science FREE to Teachers and Professors

Given the challenges TEACHERS and PROFESSORS are facing with the Coronavirus Pandemic I’ve decided to make the Presentation Science Online Workshop available to Teachers and Professors for FREE (now through April 30th). The workshop provides a strong science-of-learning foundation that will help educators make informed decisions as they move their courses online, create video recordings, […]


Great Book by Neelen and Kirschner

Mirjam Neelen and Paul Kirschner have written a truly beautiful book—one that everyone in the workplace learning field should read, study, and keep close at hand. It’s a book of transformational value because it teaches us how to think about our jobs as practitioners in utilizing research-informed ideas to build maximally effective learning architectures. Their […]


Jane Bozarth Pledges $1000 to the Learning Styles Challenge

I’m thrilled and delighted to share the news that Jane Bozarth, research-to-practice advocate, author of Show Your Work, and Director of Research for the eLearning Guild, is pledging $1,000 to the Learning Styles Challenge!!     Jane has been a vigorous debunker of the Learning-Styles Myth for many, many years! For those of you who […]

Presentation Science Tip 4 — Disguising Our Bullet Points

In my online-anytime workshop, Presentation Science, I make over one hundred recommendations for giving more effective presentations, based on the science of learning. You can learn more about the workshop by clicking here. Below is Tip 4 in my workshop marketing effort. Please share with others if you think they’ll find it useful. This Tip […]

Presentation Science Tips 1, 2, 3

Embedded here are the first three tips in my marketing campaign to let people know about my Online-Anytime Workshop, Presentation Science, which you can learn more about by clicking here. I would be grateful if you shared this with those who might be interested. The Presentation Science online-anytime workshop is designed for anybody who gives […]