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Guest Post by Annette Wisniewski: Thrilling a Client with Better Smile-Sheet Questions

This is a guest post by Annette Wisniewski, Learning Strategist at Judge Learning Solutions. In this post she shares an experience building a better smile sheet for a client. She also does a nice job showing how to improve questions by getting rid of Likert-like scales and replacing them with more concrete answer choices. ______________________________ […]

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Gold-Certification Workshop Now Open For Registration!

I’m thrilled to announce that my Gold-Certification Workshop on Performance-Focused Smile Sheets is now open for registration, with access available in about a week on Tuesday May 14 (2019). This certification workshop is the culmination of years of work and practice. First there was my work with clients on evaluation. Then there was the book. […]


First Gold-Certification in Performance-Focused Smile Sheets

Congratulations to Steve Semler who has become Work-Learning Research’s first certification earner by successfully completing the Work-Learning Academy course on Performance-Focused Smile Sheets! The certification workshop is not yet available to the public but Steve generously agreed to take the program before its release. Note that certification verification can be viewed here. Those who want […]

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The 70-20-10 Framework Gets Its First Scientific Investigation

The 70-20-10 Framework has been all the rage for the last five or ten years in the workplace learning field. Indeed, I organized a great debate about 70-20-10 through The Debunker Club (you can see the tweet stream here). I have gone on record saying that the numbers don’t have a sound research backing, but […]


Video: Thalheimer Makes the Case for Two Learning Innovations

I’ve had the distinct honor of being invited to speak at the Learning Technologies conference in London for three years in a row. This year, I talked about two learning innovations: Performance-Focused Learner Surveys LTEM (The Learning-Transfer Evaluation Model) It was a hand-raising experience! Most importantly, they have done a great job capturing my talk […]