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The Snake Oil Story—Preface to Clark Quinn’s Book on Debunking

This is my preface to Clark Quinn’s book on debunking the myths in the learning field, Millennials, Goldfish & Other Training Misconceptions: Debunking Learning Myths and Superstitions. (available from Amazon here). Clark Stanley worked as cowboy and later as a very successful entrepreneur, selling medicine in the United States that he made based on secrets […]


Debunker Club Webinar with Clark Quinn

The Debunker Club, with over 600 members devoted to squashing the myths in the learning field, is offering a FREE webinar with noted author and learning guru Dr. Clark Quinn on myths and misconceptions in the learning field, based on his new book, just released last month, Millennials, Goldfish & Other Training Misconceptions: Debunking Learning […]

Book by Dan Bixby on Product Training

Too often, product training is based on the false assumption that sales people and customer service reps simply need to be fed information about product features and benefits. Fortunately, Dan Bixby has come along and written a book to help design product training that actually works. Here’s the testimonial I wrote for the book: “Dan […]

Debunker Club Social Gathering at ATD 2018

In San Diego on Tuesday Morning May 8th at 7AM! With Special Guest! (Revealed Below) ATD is holding its annual conference starting this weekend in San Diego. On Tuesday morning (May 8), I’m going to convene us debunkers for a brief social gathering over coffee at Copa Vida, just a few short blocks from the […]

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Preparing for Attending a Learning Conference in 2018 and Beyond

Conferences can be beautiful things—helping us learn, building relationships that help us grow and bring us joy, prompting us to see patterns in our industry we might miss otherwise, helping us set our agenda for what we need to learn more fully.   Conferences can be ugly things—teaching us myths, reinforcing our misconceptions, connecting us […]