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Neon Elephant Award 2021

    21st December 2021 Neon Elephant Award Announcement Dr. Will Thalheimer, Principal at TiER1 Performance, Founder of Work-Learning Research, announces the winner of the 2021 Neon Elephant Award, given to two people this year, Clark Quinn and Patti Shank. Clark Quinn for writing the book, Learning Science for Instructional Designers. Patti Shank for writing […]

Will Thalheimer Joins TiER1

From Will Thalheimer A PERSONAL ANNOUNCEMENT After 22 years as a solo consultant at Work-Learning Research, I’m making a dazzling, flying leap to a whole new mountain. I am thrilled to announce that I have joined TiER1 Performance as a Principal! Some of you who have followed my work over the years may have questions. […]

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Neon Elephant Award 2020

    21st December 2020 Neon Elephant Award Announcement Dr. Will Thalheimer, President of Work-Learning Research, Inc., announces the winner of the 2020 Neon Elephant Award, given to Mirjam Neelen and Paul Kirschner for writing the book, Evidence-Informed Learning Design: Use Evidence to Create Training Which Improves Performance—and for their many years publishing their blog […]


20 Benefits of Learner Surveys

In 2016 I published a book on how to radically transform learner surveys into something useful. The book won an award from ISPI and helped thousands of companies update their smile sheets. Now, I’m updating the book with the knowledge I’ve gained in consulting with companies in the learning-evaluation efforts. The second edition will be […]

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L&D Industry CrowdThinking Project

CrowdThinking Project on L&D Professionalization At the L&D Conference 2020, which starts in a few days (seats still available), we are hosting the CrowdThinking Project, a two-pronged crowdsourced exploration designed to create a future-vision for the L&D field. You and I, as learning professionals, are effective–but certainly, if there were more and better structural supports […]

New Book: Design Thinking for Training and Development

Design Thinking is all the rage! Even now in the Learning & Development field. A powerful methodology if done right, but a process that can go wrong when applied inappropriately to learning design. In their new book, Sharon Boller and Laura Fletcher show us how to use design thinking right—when we apply it to learning […]


Do NOT buy Performance-Focused Smile Sheet Book

Today is May 15, 2020. This week, I asked my publisher to take all 254 remaining copies of Performance-Focused Smile Sheets and throw them in the recycling bin! Yes! The book was one of the most important books written in the learning-and-development field over the last decade. But I threw it out! Why? Because I’m […]