Learning Audits

Learning audits can take many forms. They can examine learning designs directly, for example, through the process of research benchmarking, comparing a learning intervention to research-based best practices. They can involve a full or partial post-learning evaluation approach, examining the outcomes of a learning intervention. They can utilize multiple data-gathering efforts, including job shadowing, focus groups, design review, surveys, structured interviews, artifact reviews, data reviews, and research benchmarking. Learning audits can involve extensive efforts to gather multiple data points or they can involve relatively quick-and-dirty reviews to reveal immediate insights. Our learning audits are designed and carried out by Dr. Will Thalheimer, who invented research benchmarking over a decade ago and is now the world’s foremost authority on learner feedback.

Learning Audit Report

Dr. Thalheimer has seen such phenomenal success in organizations that conduct regular learning audits, that he wrote a report describing how organizations can develop a learning-audit competency among their learning professionals. Click here to get the report: How to Conduct a Learning Audit

Immersive Learning-Audit Workshops

Our immersive learning-audit workshop is part learning audit, part training, part team-building. This three-day experience was born in Will’s work with the Navy Seals, who needed a research-based method of auditing their training, but couldn’t wait for their year-long training to be audited. Your team will experience two days of intensive learning — learning about the science of learning — combined with multiple opportunities to apply research-benchmarking techniques to your organization’s learning interventions. The third day of the workshop is dedicated to strategic planning, working together to decide on the major learning-design improvements to tackle, the low-hanging fruit available for quick fixes, and creating a plan for next steps. This powerful immersive experience is designed to be transformative, both for your team members and for your learning outcomes!

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