When you want to create maximally effective learning, it’s critical to use proven practices while avoiding ineffective and wasteful approaches. My learning audits provide an unbiased outside perspective based on three decades of practical experience utilizing research-based insights in learning. I’ve helped organizations like the Navy Seals, the National Parks Service, Automatic Data Processing, Walgreens, Harvard Business School Online, and others with industry-leading learning-audit services.


Stop wasting money on ineffective practices.
Create learning designs that maximize results.
Increase team cohesion toward maximum results.
Build your team’s skills in research-based learning.


Learning Audits

If you need to maximize learning effectiveness, propel your team to work together on proven practices, or get a credible reality check to surface blind spots; having Will Thalheimer audit one of your learning programs (or programs, or your design for a new program) may be just what you need.

Tailored to your situation, a learning audit investigates the strengths and weaknesses of your learning designs through multiple data-gathering efforts, potentially including design reviews, research benchmarking, job shadowing, focus groups, surveys, structured interviews, artifact reviews, data reviews, and learning-evaluation techniques. Learning audits can involve extensive efforts to gather multiple data points or they can involve relatively quick-and-dirty reviews to reveal immediate insights. Recommendations are conveyed within the context of foundational principles of learning.

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Learning-Audit Workshops

If you need to reenergize your team, get everybody on the same page with proven research-based practices, or maximize your learning results; a learning-audit workshop may be just what you need.

My learning-audit workshops are part learning audit, part training, part team-building. These workshops were born in my work with the Navy Seals, who needed a research-based method to audit their training, but couldn’t wait for their year-long training to be audited. Your team will experience intensive learning combined with opportunities to apply research-benchmarking techniques to your organization’s learning interventions. Whether a one-day, two-day, or three-day experience; your workshop will have your team coming together in strategic planning, deciding on major design improvements, the low-hanging fruit to quick-fix, and a plan for next steps. This powerful immersive experience is designed to be transformative, both for your team members and for your learning!

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