The Work-Learning Academy

Online and Classroom Workshops

Workshops Designed, Developed, and Delivered by Will Thalheimer, PhD


Rigorous Learning Experiences

These learning experiences are tailored specifically to help participants gain proven practical insights. The learning designs produce in-depth knowledge, provide practice to enable comprehension and long-term remembering, and research-based motivation to propel application.

From a Leader in Learning

Crafted 100% by Will Thalheimer, these workshops were built with compassion and care by one of the learning industry’s preeminent research-to-practice consultants. Known for the LTEM framework, Performance-Focused Smile Sheets, the Decisive Dozen, the Learning Maximizers, the SEDA model, his work on the Serious eLearning Manifesto, his leadership of The Debunker Club, and his consulting work with the Navy Seals, Oxfam, the CDC, Bloomberg, Walgreens, Harvard Business Online, and many other organizations, universities, and trade groups.

Work-Learning Research Certified

For over 20 years, Will Thalheimer’s Work-Learning Research has been a world-wide leader in compiling research-based wisdom from scientific journals and translating that research into practical recommendations for learning professionals. Our workshops rely on our research and experience to be maximally effective.