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Coming Soon Our First Credential Course!!

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Dr. Will Thalheimer has been teaching workshops for three decades—both in the classroom and online. But this is the first time Work-Learning Research will be offering a Certification Workshop. Sign up below to be among the first to earn your Gold Certification in Performance-Focused Smile Sheets.


From the Man Who Wrote the Book

Crafted 100% by Will Thalheimer, this course was created by the man who literally wrote the book on learner surveys (aka smile sheets, reaction forms, happy sheets).

The award-winning book, Performance-Focused Smile Sheets: A Radical Rethinking of a Dangerous Art Form, changed everything about how learner surveys are designed in the learning field. By taking this course, not only do you get in-depth insights and deep reflection, you get a free ebook version of the book.

Rigorous Online Learning Experience

This learning experience is not just a series of online presentations; but rather, is a deeply designed experience tailored specifically to help you gain proven insights. The learning design is intended give you in-depth knowledge, practice to enable comprehension and long-term remembering, and research-based motivation to propel application. The online asynchronous workshop is credentialed at an LTEM Tier-5 designation, ensuring that successful participants have competence in making realistic decisions related to the topic.

Work-Learning Research Credential

For over 20 years, Work-Learning Research has been a world-wide leader in compiling research-based wisdom from scientific journals and translating that research into practical recommendations for learning professionals. After two decades of doing research-based consulting, we are offering a credential that we can validate as having meaning—signifying that those earning the certification have participated in a challenging learning experience and have demonstrated competence in two rigorous assessments.

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