The Learning-Transfer Evaluation Model

LTEM is a revolutionary evaluation model, inspired by learning research, specifically designed to help organizations get feedback to build more effective learning interventions and validate learning results.

LTEM is an improvement over the Kirkpatrick-Katzell Four-Level Model in many respects, notably providing significant improvement and specificity in regards to learning outcomes. Where the Four-Level model crammed all learning into one bucket, LTEM differentiates between knowledge, decision-making, and task competence—enabling learning teams to target more meaningful learning outcomes.

LTEM has eight tiers starting at the lower tiers with inadequate methods of learning evaluation and moving up to Tier 8 which represents the ultimate goal of learning—the benefits that learning enables.

LTEM—the model itself—is depicted on one page for clarity. A 34-page report is available entitled, The Learning-Transfer Evaluation Model: Sending Messages to Enable Learning Effectiveness. The report explains the rationale for LTEM and describes the strengths and dangers of the the Four-Level model. The report also acknowledges the efforts of the learning and learning-evaluation experts who provided feedback to improve the model. Finally, the report provides a list of principles that learning-evaluation models should emulate and describes how to utilize LTEM to maximum effect.