Fixing the Mistake in the Book Index.

Help me fix my mistake! In my recently published book, the index at the back of the book originally pointed to the wrong page numbers! For example, under “workflow learning” the index pointed to page 337 when the book is only 255 pages long! Doh! That’s not right!

I deeply regret making this error, especially knowing how valuable an index can be! Apologies to all those impacted!

Let me set things right. First, to get the correct index, click here.

Also, to get a replacement book at no cost to you, visit the erratum tab on the book’s website: This was my mistake; I’d like to fix it.

Note to my Kickstarter contributors. You need not do anything, I will begin sending out replacement copies next week.

Please share this with those who might be similarly affected–so I can make amends. Thank you!