I started a Kickstarter Campaign last week to raise funds to market my new book, The CEO’s Guide to Training, eLearning & Work: Empowering Learning for a Competitive Advantage. The campaign goes through March 31, 2024 and needs to hit its target goal or no funds are raised.

I realized that for people to make a pledge, they would need a level of trust in me and my work. Many people I know already have great trust, but some certainly don’t know me. So, I asked myself, who knows me really well who could vouch for me. My mom!

She is a gem! I’ve been blessed with great parents and a great family.

Important Links:

  • Kickstarter Campaign — Go here to make a pledge, get a book, or check out the other rewards.
  • LTEM Boot Camp — See what you’ll get if you choose this workshop for your Kickstarter reward.
  • Learner Survey Workshop — See what you’ll get if you choose this workshop for your Kickstarter reward.

There are other notable rewards as well:

  • Autographed Copies (for you or for your CEO or CLO).
  • Private Webinar (for your team)
  • Consulting Project (for your team)

Why a Kickstarter Effort?

It’s not easy being an author and helping with the marketing effort. I learned this with my first book.

The new book is already garnering praise, and though I am biased, I think it will be seen as my most important contribution. It deserves a wide reading, and that’s only going to happen if I can jumpstart my marketing efforts.

The book will be published in the April-May timeframe.

Advance Praise for the Book

  • Clark Quinn: Will Thalheimer has once again provided us with essential wisdom.
  • Donald Clark: It’s a plan… no a masterplan… by a master of his craft.
  • Elham Arabi: The book is a most remarkable collection and an indispensable resource.
  • Guy Wallace: There are so many things I like about Will Thalheimer’s latest book.
  • Jerry Hamburg: Direct, research-informed, and clear… just what every leader needs. Highly recommend!
  • Jos Arets: An indispensable resource… thought-provoking, evidence-informed and actionable… an authoritative text.
  • Karl Kapp: Buy multiple copies of this book and share with the executive as well as the L&D leadership teams.
  • Matt Richter: A blueprint for CLOs and learning pros… If this book doesn’t change your life… you haven’t read it!
  • Megan Torrence: No kidding, I’m buying copies of this for my entire team and our clients, too.
  • Michael Allen: Great book! Indexed bite-sized snippets of shared wisdom and experience.
  • Michelle Ockers: An essential read for both L&D leaders and CEOs.
  • Nikki Vassallo: An exceptional job encouraging the C-suite to actively engage… also holding learning professionals accountable.
  • Richard E. Clark: I recommend this engaging, succinct, evidence-based, and accurate discussion as absolutely the best.
  • Rob Brinkerhoff: Another excellent offering from Will Thalheimer… straightforward and practical… Ignore at your peril.
  • Roy Pollock: Will Thalheimer continues his no-nonsense, no-holds-barred style to speak truth to power.
  • Ruth Clark: Read this book. Encourage anyone associated with workforce learning to read this book.
  • Stella Lee: The book’s brilliance lies in its clarity and directness… it’s a roadmap for CEOs and learning professionals alike.