Gratitude for TiER1 Performance. Today is my last day as a full-time employee of TiER1 and I’d like to share some of my most worthy public contributions over the last 2.5 years. See below.

In the learning industry, we’ve dealt with pandemic disruptions, new online technologies, and the advent of generative AI. These are heady times. For me, I’ve continued advocating for improved learning evaluation (as I myself continue to learn and discover new approaches). I’ve hungrily and humbly (because of all the complexity) been on a journey to learn and utilize the performance sciences. And I’ve been thinking about how to empower you and I as learning-and-performance professionals (as I write my next book).

My colleagues and clients at TiER1 have taught me much! I am grateful. I won’t name names because I’ll miss somebody, but lots of good folks have helped me learn.

Here are some of my TiER1 Greatest Hits, all of which were done in partnership or with substantial input and improvement from my TiER1 colleagues.

THE LEARNING TRENDS DIAGNOSTIC SURVEY. This annual survey of the L&D industry became a labor of love for me and a host of TiER1ers, with major contributions from Holly Hilton Bradbury, Walter Warwick, Will Phillips, Zachary Ryland, Laura Bachus, Ramsey Ford, Amanda Rapien, and Sarah Ehrnschwender (with significant help from others too). Also Kudos are due to Sharon Boller and her team for building a strong foundation from which we drew. Here are links to the past two years’ reports.

2022 Learning Trends Report.

2023 Learning Trends Report.

MAJOR ARTICLE ON THE WORK-PERFORMANCE FIELD. In this article, with contribution from Zachary Ryland and Jerry Hamburg, I outline the history of the workplace learning field, highlighting the major historical forces that shaped our field and the forces that are pushing us into the future.

KEY INSIGHTS FROM L&D THOUGHT LEADERS (from around the world). In this compendium, 48 thought leaders share their favorite writings, videos, etc.


PERFORMANCE-FOCUSED LEARNER SURVEYS. Thanks to TiER1 for letting the world know about my book.

PERFORMANCE-ACTIVATION MODEL (the PA Model). This labor of love was co-developed with the amazing Jerry Hamburg. I’ve spoken about the PA Model at two conferences but haven’t written about it. It’s on the back-burner now as it seems too complex for popular consumption, but the thinking that went into the work stays with me still. I’ll share the image here for those who are curious.