I’m an American. My country’s government is clearly dysfunctional. I’m certainly not knowledgeable enough to help, but of course we all have our ideas.

As a long-time proponent of using evidence-based wisdom to inform the practice of learning design and delivery, I can’t help but wonder what evidence-based information might help improve things.

Recently and unintentionally I’ve started reading books on American history (mostly listening to them). It occurs to me that history provides some evidence that is useful. Certainly, it can highlight political methods, provide perspective, and help us resist arguments that incorrectly make claims about our country’s founders. Of course, as a social scientist, I think sociology, psychology, anthropology, and political science also have wisdom to offer.

Let me share a few great books that I have read recently—in case you’re interested in reading some history. I would, of course, welcome your suggestions for books to read that might help us (and citizens of other countries as well) build more perfect governments.

You can click on the titles to learn more at Amazon:

What books would you recommend to provide wisdom we citizens can use to help us think about our governments?