Using Performance-Focused Smile Sheet Questions — Even One Question!

Mark Jenkins, a long-time technical trainer and forward-thinking learning professional, now providing concierge service on learning technologies, audio-video, and OneNote at inforivers, recently used a performance-focused smile-sheet question at the end of one of his public training sessions. He used just one question! And one follow-up open-ended question.

Mark loves the results he’s getting. Now he gets very clear feedback on whether his workshop helps people actually do what he wants them to be able to do. And, he is able to judge their interest in another session on the same subject matter, all on a one-page smile sheet.

“I was surprised the liberation I felt not being shackled down by Likert scales, while still getting good and easily understandable analytics. The results are less ambiguous than a Likert scale. It also helps me to figure out how to follow up with each person that took the smile sheet.”

His feedback form, shared with his permission:

Jenkins Smile Sheet