Podcast with Connie Malamed

Connie Malamed, one of the learning industry's most insightful thinkers when it comes to the visual aspects of instructional design, has produced a series of podcasts interviewing some of the most thoughtful folks in the field. In her most recent podcast, she interviews me about my book, Performance-Focused Smile Sheets: A Radical Rethinking of a Dangerous Art Form.

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Connie is a real pro, as you can hear in her podcasts. She not only finds great people to interview, but she crafts the interview questions after having done her homework–and she edits the podcasts herself! A labor of love it seems. Indeed, for our interview, Connie had clearly read my book and came ready with insights of her own.

Let me recommend Connie's book, Visual Design Solutions: Principles and Creative Inspiration for Learning Professionals, which I'm right now in the middle of reading myself. As designers of learning, we are not maximizing our effectiveness without bringing design principles and visual aesthetics into our work.

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