Workplace Learning-and-Performance — Four Responsibilities Initiative!


I just learned of a new initiative to push professionalization in the workplace learning-and-performance field. Because I'm a strong believer that we regularly fail in this, I'm signing on!

The Four Responsibilities of The Learning Professional

Here's what I wrote in my commitment statement:

Brilliant! And needed! The workplace learning-and-performance field is severely under-professionalized. When an organization asks an architect to design a building, the architect works from time-tested principles, from a code of ethics, from an architecture-first integrity. Certainly architects try to help their clients meet their goals, but they don't capitulate on the important stuff. I believe in the four principles!

Still, I think maybe we need to be even more directive. For example, we need to have a responsibility focused on working toward successive improvement, to doing effective measurement, etc. Maybe the four responsibilities can provide the umbrella hierarchy for more specific responsibilities… I'm a professional quibbler. Sorry about that! I wholeheartedly support your effort!



More Noble Causes in the Learning Field:

And, if you're the kind to sign up for noble causes, please check out the Serious eLearning Manifesto, which I worked on with Michael Allen, Julie Dirksen, and Clark Quinn.

Also, check out The Debunker Club, an effort to rid the learning field of myths and misconceptions. You can join the Debunker.Club too!