My Book Kickstarter Campaign — We Did It!!!!!!!!!!!!


In just two short weeks, the Kickstarter Campaign to get my book printed and marketed has reached it's goal!!

Over 160 people made pledges, selecting Kickstarter rewards to get over 200 copies of the book: Performance-Focused Smile Sheets: A Radical Rethinking of a Dangerous Art Form.

While I was nervous at first as I launched my campaign, I couldn't be more thrilled that so many people have showed interest in the book! And in the summertime no less!

I'm deeply grateful to all those who pledged to contribute! Thank you everyone!!


Kickstarter Campaigns can't be turned off once started, and this one is still scheduled to continue through September 4th.

If you or your organization is interested in getting a copy of the book at a discount, this will be your best chance!

There are also some very attractive rewards that are offered, including some new ones that were just added in the last few hours.


To see my official Kickstarter update:

To make a pledge or to get a book:

Official book website (where you can get a free sample chapter):