Julian Wragg, EMEA Director for Pluralsight (a provider of online learning for IT professionals) makes the case that IT professionals will find value in shorter, more targeted learning nuggets.

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I'm delighted to be attending the eLearningGuild's DevLearn conference in Las Vegas coming up in late September and early October.




The eLearning Guild always puts on a great conference and I'm excited to learn the latest and greatest on elearning and mobile learning. This year, I'm going to be keeping my eyes out for examples of micro learning and subscription learning — as I see more an more interest in smaller learning nuggets.

Also, I'll be speaking on "Measuring eLearning to Create Cycles of Improvement." In my session, I'll share research-based findings and their implications for elearning measurement designs.

Come join me 10:45 AM – 11:45 AM Thursday, October 1.

Alex Khurgin, of Grovo, argues that organizations should consider micro-learning as a potential new learning method.

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There appears to be more and more momentum for CPA's to be able to earn credentials for micro-learning.

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Published in the personal growth section of Medium, compiled by Zavyalov Artem, is a list of micro-learning tools. 

It is certainly NOT the TEN BEST, but it does offer some interesting finds in the area of personal growth. Indeed, one of the apps is said to prevent you from spending more than 5 minutes a day in learning!

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I created a video to help organizations fully understand the meaning of their smile sheets.


You can also view this directly on YouTube: https://youtu.be/QucqCxM2qW4

Update 2017: This Pilot has Concluded

Original Post:

Organizations Wanted to Pilot Leadership-Development Subscription Learning!!

I am looking for organizations who are interested in piloting subscription learning as a tool to aid in developing their managers and energizing their senior management’s strategic initiatives.

To read more about the benefits and possibilities for subscription learning and leadership development, read my article posted on the ATD (Association for Talent Development) website.

Potential Benefits

  • Reinforce concepts learned to ensure remembering and application.
  • Drive management behaviors through ongoing communications.
  • Utilize the scientifically-verified spacing effect to boost learning.
  • Enable dialogue between your senior leaders and your developing managers.
  • Inculcate organizational values through scenario-based reflection.
  • Prompt organizational initiatives through your management cadre.
  • Engage in organizational learning, promoting cycles of reinforcement.
  • Utilize and pilot test new technologies, boosting motivation.
  • Utilize the power of subscription learning before your competitors do.

Potential Difficulties

  • Pilot efforts may face technical difficulties and unforeseen obstacles.

Why Will Thalheimer and Work-Learning Research, Inc.?

  • Experienced leadership-development trainer
  • Previously ran leadership-development product line (Leading for Business Results)
  • Leader in the use of scenario-based questions
  • Experienced in using subscription learning
  • Devoted to evidence-based practices
  • Extensive experience in practical use of learning research

Why Now?

  • Employees have less and less time for long training sessions.
  • More than ever training has to deliver on-the-job results.
  • Learners demanding that learning come to them when they are mobile.
  • Microlearning is the future of elearning and talent development.
  • Because Work-Learning Research and Will Thalheimer are dedicated to subscription-learning — Will plans to write a book on it — we are offering substantial discounts for pilot organizations.

Next Steps!!

  • Contact Will Thalheimer, PhD to arrange an online discussion of the possibilities.
    • email:   info AT worklearning DOT com
    • phone:   617-718-0767

In just two short weeks, the Kickstarter Campaign to get my book printed and marketed has reached it's goal!!

Over 160 people made pledges, selecting Kickstarter rewards to get over 200 copies of the book: Performance-Focused Smile Sheets: A Radical Rethinking of a Dangerous Art Form.

While I was nervous at first as I launched my campaign, I couldn't be more thrilled that so many people have showed interest in the book! And in the summertime no less!

I'm deeply grateful to all those who pledged to contribute! Thank you everyone!!


Kickstarter Campaigns can't be turned off once started, and this one is still scheduled to continue through September 4th.

If you or your organization is interested in getting a copy of the book at a discount, this will be your best chance!

There are also some very attractive rewards that are offered, including some new ones that were just added in the last few hours.


To see my official Kickstarter update:

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