My Book Kickstarter Campaign — The First Dozen Hours


Today, about 10 in the morning, I launched my Kickstarter Campaign. It's now about 12 hours later and already the campaign is 30% to its goal. Un-freakin-believable! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

For me, I'm awestruck. And grateful — deeply grateful to those who have pledged to contribute should the campaign reach it's goal.

Thank you!

I am Grateful to Many

This book would not be possible without:

  • academic researchers, journals, libraries, and database developers.
  • all the folks who have given me wisdom about book publishing and concrete help.
  • all the folks who have reached out over the last 17 years to thank me for my research-to-practice work.
  • my clients who help pay the bills and inspire me with their dedication and passion.
  • the learning-measurement experts who helped me improve the book immeasurably (get it!?).
  • the folks who read an early version of the book and offered a testimonial.
  • the astonishing generosity of the folks who read early versions of the book and gave me detailed substantive feedback.
  • the extreme and longstanding patience and forbearance of my wife and daughter, and the humor and support of my extended family.

Now I have more people to thank…

  • Those who interrupted their day to make a Kickstarter pledge in the early hours of this campaign. This is very important — the Kickstarter experts tell me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Wow! I'm buzzing with warm fuzzies… Thank you!


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