Like an arrow through the heart! Max Roser's tweet really kills. With his one tweet he spread false, misleading, and dangerous information to thousands — maybe tens of thousands — of people across the globe. 223 Retweets. 198 Favorites. Egads. What a disaster!

MaxCRoser Bogus Pyramid

More reason The Debunker Club is needed. More reason for you to help debunk these myths!

Please, someone, please send me a tranquilizer…


And apologies to Max. I'm sure he's a fine human being. And of course he's not the only one who sends this bad information around (we have evidence that 223 others followed his lead), so I shouldn't really be focused on the poor lad….

But cripes! How do people get through the education system not knowing not to pass information around without at least a hint of skepticism, without checking sources, without taking a breath of oxygenated air…

Here's the evidence that this information is bogus: