Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning — Afterword

I was honored to be invited to write an afterword to 3rd edition of the classic text, Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning.

In my afterword, I noted the following:

"Roy Pollock, Andy Jefferson, and Cal Wick have provided a proven conceptual structure—the 6Ds—as a foundation. We’ve been shown how the 6Ds approach works in real organizations. We’ve been given practical tools that have been refined and updated. We’ve been privy to one of the best compilations of industry wisdom ever assembled in one book. We’ve been read the riot act, heard the gospel truth, and made to wonder why so many of us are failing on the fundamentals. This book lays it out for us, if only we have the guts and perseverance to do the right thing."

I've been following the work of Wick, Jefferson, and Pollock since 2006 when I awarded the very first Neon Elephant Award to Cal Wick. I love these guys! Their work has had a major impact on the field.

The book publisher, Wiley, has been nice enough to let me publish my afterword separately, so I'm going to provide you the link just below. In my provocative piece, I show how the workplace learning-and-performance field is poised for a transformation based on four vectors. It's good stuff!

And of course, I highly recommend their book, which you can buy by clicking on the image below.