PCMA Subscription Learning Opportunity

Hello! This is Dr. Will Thalheimer of Work-Learning Research, curator of SubscriptionLearning.com. I’m partnering with Jeff Hurt of Velvet Chainsaw to provide PCMA Convening Leaders participants with an opportunity to see first hand what subscription learning feels like–to give you an indepth experience so you can judge for yourself.

We are lucky to have the help of Count5, the builders of one of the most powerful subscription learning tools, QMINDshare, which we will be using to provide you with valuable post-conference information/engagement.

Our subscription-learning experience will be facilitated by Jeff and myself, over a period of about two months. It will consist of short interactions (less than 5 minutes usually) that you can peruse at your leisure. It’s all optional, so don’t worry–you will not be overwhelmed. Also, this is a private and confidential experience. Once the experience is over, it’s over. You won’t have your email or name put on any other list!

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NOTE FROM THE PCMA CONFERENCE MONDAY: Hey everybody. Great session today. Jeff and I thank for your thoughtful participation! CLICK HERE FOR JEFF AND WILL’s SLIDES

And, if you want to grab Will’s slides and job aids from his Tuesday session, CLICK HERE!


Provide the following information and we’ll get started on the subscription learning within a week or so…