Temp for Mill City

Hello. I created this page to show you book cover ideas and state why I like them. I would have done this within your online form, but it only encouraged Amazon.com links.


My first sketch.

I used a black background to convey a dark, provocative image.

I used “eyes” to convey that smile sheets are about helping us see…

I used the yellow-orange racing stripe because I thought this theme could be carried out to future books I will write/publish in this series.

Will's Book Cover Idea 1


Second Sketch

City skyline is to connote business and industry.

People are added because it’s the people who are our learners who are important, and because we as instructional designers etc., are not always happy with our smile sheets.

I added the logo just to let you know I have different color logos (and especially because if it was a black spine, I’m not sure my color logo on white would work that well).

Will's Book Cover Idea 2


Cover Example 1

I like this cover because it is dark and forboding and because it uses paper to get that effect. I thought perhaps a crumpled smile sheet–which is the traditional way that smile sheets are used–might make an interesting cover.

2014-11-11 10_13_40-Clipboard


Cover Example 2

It’s dark, and it has a blurry person in the background. Since smile sheets are supposed to bring things into view, blurry people in the background may convey this.

 2014-11-11 10_15_04-Clipboard

Cover Example 3

Dark, Forboding, Artistic

2014-11-11 10_07_30-Clipboard


Cover Example 4

Dark, Forboding, Artistic

2014-11-11 10_05_13-Clipboard


Cover Example 5

I like this one because the cover idea is “inspired.” I’m not showing you this for the look and feel, but because the graphic brilliantly conveys the idea of the book–which is about mobile learning…



That’s it. Thanks!


Oh, I just noticed that a lot of books from my field are advertised on the right panel here, so you can look at them as well.


= Will