Update of Course Review Template


The Course Review Template is a research-based job aid that helps us review our training courses–whether classroom or elearning–to get a sense of the effectiveness their designs.

Representative Comments:

Great provocation. We’re a training provider and scored a “typical” client assignment (20-21). Lots of food for thought for conversations with our clients about what they can do to improve the value they get from our training and follow-up!

The CRT does an excellent job at evaluating using the most important measures.

This template made me deeply aware of all of the variables that we often do not even consider as we work to improve our training courses. The number of questions, and their wording, made it difficult to pad the score.

Updated for 2014

The Course Review Template was just updated and is now available in its new incarnation. One change is that it’s now utilizing a creative commons copyright, making it easier for you to use in your organization.

Indeed, you’re welcome to make changes in the PDF or in the following Word format.

Help Support the Further Development of the CRT

After you’ve used the Course Review Template, complete the feedback form to record your results and send me feedback. Thanks! (UPDATE 2017: We’re no longer collecting feedback through a survey format.)