Workshop at ISPI

I'm teaching the following half-day workshop at the upcoming ISPI conference.

This workshop goes for $150, which is an absolutely incredible bargain…

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Radically New Research-Inspired Smile Sheet Design
Will Thalheimer, Work-Learning Research, Inc.
Workshop Code: WUQ

Research shows that traditional smile sheets are not related to learning results. Given this, we could just ignore smile sheets. However, because most organizations want to use smile sheets anyway, shouldn’t we try to make them better? In this workshop, Thalheimer will show how to create a “performance-focused smile sheet,” a radical improvement in smile sheet design–one that has been inspired by his years of research-based practice. The new design involves two meta-improvements. First, it is a smile sheet design that seeks information about key performance factors; and second, it is a smile sheet design that creates outputs that are more meaningful than data from scale responses. Performance-focused smile sheets will never be a one-source learning-feedback mechanism, but they provide a significant improvement over the traditional smile sheet.