Slides–LS2014–Subscription Learning

Hello Learning-Solutions attendees!!
And congrats for getting here!

You can download the slides for my Featured Session here:

Download Thalheimer_Subscription_Learning_eLearningGuild_2014_Handouts

And if you got here and don’t know what session I’m talking about, read this:

Learning Solutions Featured Session F2


And don’t forget to join me for a discussion of the Serious eLearning Manifesto, the most important thing happening in the elearning field this year!

Session 105 — Getting Serious about eLearning

We will hand out paper copies of the Manifesto at the session.


And, if you can’t get enough of me (and you’re an early riser), join me with Michael Allen and Clark Quinn for a 7:15 AM Buzz session on Thursday.

MB31—The eLearning Manifesto and Good Instructional Design

My name wasn’t added to this (look for Clark or Michael’s name), but I’ll be there!!