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In continuing my dual career–partly as a charismatic and wildly-effective learning consultant and keynote speaker, partly as a grizzled, hermitted researcher and agonizingly-slow book writer (still working on the same book for the last 16 years)–I have started talking publicly about my list of 12 factors that if training developers implemented, would propel their training to divine glory. I call this list “The Decisive Dozen.”

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Of course, I get questions. “How does he do it when so many others have perished?” “How does he get his hair to do that?” And my personal favorite, “How the hell does Thalheimer know these are the most critical learning factors?” It’s a fair question, and instead of releasing 12 chapters from my potentially-forthcoming hopefully-not-posthumorous book, I created a little research brief just to show that I’m not making this stuff up. I’m stealing directly from the world’s best learning researchers!

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