Hi. This is Dr. Will Thalheimer. I teach all our workshops, most often alone, but sometimes with copresenters. My goal is to help your team build wildly more effective learning interventions, and my workshop designs reflect that. I begin with hard research, translated to make it practical. I help your folks build deep mental models of how learning works to generate on-the-job performance.

I keep the focus on the practical. I help prepare your learners to bring back wisdom to their workplace.

Workshops can be tailored to the needs of the specific client, audience, and workplace. We can go as deep as you want. I’ve provided short sessions covering a few narrow topics, or multiday intensives building actual learning interventions or learning-measurement practices.

Some Titles

  1. Performance-Focused Smile Sheets
  2. The Decisive Dozen — The Most Important Learning Factors
  3. Creating and Measuring Learning Transfer
  4. Research-Based Instructional Design
  5. Learning for E-Learning
  6. Using Questions to Facilitate Learning
  7. Writing Scenario-Based Questions
  8. Measuring and Evaluating Learning
  9. Situation-Based Learning Design
  10. Spaced Learning, Subscription Learning, Microlearning
  11. Immersive Learning Audit Workshop


Typical Workshop Design

  • All of our workshops are based on validated research and focus on practical learning-design decisions.
  • Our workshops can be tailored to the specific needs of our clients and workshop participants.
  • Workshops encourage learners to think and discuss, question and apply, and plan for putting ideas into practice.
  • We guarantee complete satisfaction.


Workshop Pricing

  • Pricing varies depending upon your specific needs.
  • Our workshops offer world-class information and are priced from this perspective.
  • We offer discounts to qualifying nonprofit organizations and educational institutions.


Workshop Options

  1. Have one or more of your learning programs evaluated with our proprietary research-based auditing process. Discuss results and brainstorm improvements as part of your workshop.
  2. Utilize online learning as the primary or secondary delivery method.
  3. Combine workshop with project work to create an action-learning intervention.
  4. Combine workshop with consulting to get recommendations on particular issues and situations.
  5. Combine workshop with research to delve into specific areas of interest.
  6. Combine workshop with program evaluation to get feedback on your current instructional offerings and develop plans for improvements.
  7. Utilize custom assessments to ensure that your participants are meeting standards.


Discuss Options

  • Contact me (Dr. Will Thalheimer) directly through email at or by calling 1-888-579-9814.


Why are Work-Learning Research Workshops Worth Considering?

  1. Your learning designers deserve a richly rewarding developmental opportunity.
  2. Your team will be challenged with new perspectives on learning and performance, enabling creativity and innovation.
  3. It’s a great way to get your team started on a new project.
  4. It’s a great way to energize your team or get the started in a whole new direction.
  5. Because the workshops are backed by the world’s best research, it’s a perspective you can trust—not just another fad-driven exhortation.
  6. Dr. Will Thalheimer brings a rare combination of instructional-design experience, management awareness, and research savvy to his work. He’s been in the field since 1985, working as an instructional designer, trainer, simulation architect, project manager, product manager, business leader, researcher, and consultant. Dr. Thalheimer brings depth, practicality, and a human touch to these workshops.

Leaders in the learning-and-performance field are beginning to move away from traditional notions of instructional design. The emerging model is based on having a deep understanding of human learning and performance. In the future, we’ll all design our learning interventions with an eye toward the human learning system. Work-Learning Research workshops will enable your team to lead the rest of the industry into the future.

The value of these workshops comes from their transformational properties. The way people always work constrains the way they see the world. To break out of our tattered views of learning, we need to be challenged to see things differently. Work-Learning Research workshops can get your team started on the road to innovation.