Will’s Message:

I’ve been in the learning-and-performance field for almost 30 years, and have been running Work-Learning Research for over 15 years. In that time, I’ve learned that developers of instruction need practical advice, not academic jargon; that they need an in-depth understanding of underlying principles, not inflexible, oppressive rules; that they want validated information, not fluff. That the most important thing is to be open to learning, to bridge the gap between research and practice with a humble wisdom.

My goal is to utilize my research-based insights while tempering them with practical intelligence understood in specific learning and on-the-job performance contexts. Consulting for me is a mutual exploration, bringing together insights and knowledge from both party’s experience, knowledge, and on-the-ground understanding of how learning works to create performance.

Because I’ve spent years building rich and flexible mental models of how learning works; because I’ve been in the learning world on the practical side and on the business side; I tend to see solutions that others don’t see. I tend to create solutions that meet the needs of the learners and the organization. I don’t know everything of course, but if your organization needs another set of eyes, mine might be just what’s needed to take your work to the next level.

Potential Applications

Want to jumpstart your team by getting them thinking beyond their day-to-day grind?

Having a debate within your development team? Can’t figure out which learning design method to use?

Purchasing a new e-learning program and want to know how effective it’s likely to be?

Developing a new product or upgrading your old offerings, and want to ensure that you’ve considered all the options, especially those based on the deepest learning mechanics?

Ever wonder whether your instructional designs are effectively producing learning and performance results? Or whether they might be better?

Want to assure your boss or organization that your training designs utilize the latest research findings?

Is your team stuck in a rut? Producing the same learning designs over and over and over again?

Do your folks constantly fight about the same old design issues? Do they seem to speak different languages when it comes to developing your learning interventions? Want to get them all on the same page?

Do you want to know for sure how effective your learning interventions are? Willing to evaluate your efforts? Want to prove that what you’re doing is effective?

Has your team’s knowledge of instructional design grown worn and frayed? Need to revitalize the thinking?

Want to know what the research says?

Contact me, Will Thalheimer, at 888-579-9814 or through email.