Hi. This is Dr. Will Thalheimer.

I’ve created this website to support the emerging community of professionals who utilize, develop, purchase, administer, or do research on audience response systems as they are used in classrooms to improve learning.

This site specifically offers a free research-to-practice report on how to utilize audience response systems to bolster learning.

Click here to download the report.

It also offers a central place from which you may search for additional trusted information as well as providing a perspective on the field from an unbiased source. I am a researcher and consultant in the workplace learning-and-performance field, and I receive zero percentage of my income from audience response learning consulting. I took an interest in the field several years ago when I was approached by Dr. Steve Huff who worked for eInstruction. He liked my research reporting on learning, and asked whether I would look at audience response technology in terms of learning. The result is the report above.

I continue to maintain this website because I am concerned that people sell and see audience response technology as a quick fix to maintain learner interest. While interest may be temporarily raised, if this is all you do with audience response technology, you are committing educational malpractice. The research report will give you a much deeper insight into the many ways that well-designed audience response learning can support deep and meaningful learning.