Where is Will?


I'm still alive and kicking but I have found it necessary to decouple myself from public speaking engagements and from my blog and twitter as I continue to work on the following main events:

  • working with my core clients
  • writing and researching my magnum opus (a book focused on channeling research-based evidence into practical learning approaches and one intended to get us workplace learning professionals to take to the streets and storm the fortresses of mediocrity that we have built)
  • working as a volunteer at my daughter's elementary school as we create a new school design
  • coaching my daughter's soccer team, the Huskies

I am still here, and am available for:

  1. short consulting engagements
  2. e-learning critiques (a research-benchmarking process)
  3. keynote or other paid speaking engagements
  4. online workshops on research-based instructional design and/or learning measurement

I'd also be delighted to talk about coaching strategies for youth soccer. SMILE

Unfortunately I am not able to be very active with my blog, nor can I accept any public speaking engagements.

If you need to get in touch with me, you can contact me in the following ways:

  • email: info at work-learning dot com
  • phone: 888-579-9814

Thanks for your patience,


Will Thalheimer, PhD
Work-Learning Research, Inc.

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