Training to Prevent Back Injuries. Is it Effective?

A review of research on training to prevent back injuries offers disappointing results.

The authors conclude:

In this systematic review we found no evidence that training with or without lifting equipment is effective in the prevention of back pain or consequent disability. Either the advocated techniques did not reduce the risk of back injury or training did not lead to adequate change in lifting and handling techniques. (p. 5)

As the authors say, it could be the design of the training interventions. What I wonder is whether this is a motivational or information issue. Or if the design is just not effective in generating spontaneous remembering in the workplace.

Research Citation:

Martimo, K., Verbeek, J., Karppinen, J., Furlan, A. D., Takala, E., & Kuijer, P. P. F. M.
Effect of training and lifting equipment for preventing back pain in lifting and handling: Systematic review.
BMJ: British Medical Journal, 336.
1-6. doi: 10.1136/bmj.39463.418380.BE

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