Stages of Twitter: What the Future Holds

Rohit Bhargava (@rohitbhargava) has created stages of Twitter, a Kübler-Rossian kind of list.

Here are his stages:

And a few days ago, he added another stage:

6. Collaboration: “Actual, meaningful relationships and collaborations have occurred out of my usage of Twitter”

You can see his post and the amazing number of people who commented at this webpage.

Here is my addition to the list, an even dozen in honor of Kübler-Ross:

7. Bliss: “Blissful feeling of competence and connectivity, driven by obvious advantages perceived.”

8. Recruiting: “Exhibiting a missionary zeal to find coverts and increase number of followers.”

9. Divorce: “Less blissful feeling due to bounded competence, particularly unrelated to geographically-contiguous family members.”

10. Frustration: “How come other people keep getting ahead, when I know so many things and so many people?”

11. Worry: “I wonder if I’m spending too much time Twittering? No. No. I think not. Let me ask my followers.”

12. Death: “My only regret is that I didn’t Twitter more. #BYE.”