Brown Bag Webinars, Learning Research in Small Servings

This Friday January 9th, I will talk about Instructional Objectives, and some research, thereof.

Instructional Objectives:

  • Do they produce learning results?
  • Are they all the same?
  • Do we have to use them?
  • Do prequestions work just as well?
  • How specifically do they have to be worded?
  • Can I use the word “Understand”? Answer: In some of them, but not others.
  • Hey Will, do you have a new taxonomy for us?

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Friday January 9th — Noon — US East Coast Time


Here is what your colleagues are saying about the Brown-Bag Webinoshes:

Great content, great visuals. Authenticity of presenter and passion for the subject matter was apparent. I am taking away one thing to do right away as well as inspiration to move in this direction… all of those things combined are my definition of 30 minutes well spent. (Love the short timeframe, I feel like I got a whole lot of good stuff in a little bit of time!) – Senior Instructional Designer

I’m grateful to Will for his munificence regarding his time, research, and expenses he so selflessly gives out to everyone who wishes to join in. – Instructional Systems Designer

Enjoyed the dry humor sprinkled in. Great devil horns. – President

I’ve been a big fan of your work for several years. Your papers on simulation-like questions, the spacing effect, learning feedback, etc., have greatly influenced and improved my instructional design. Thank you. – Director of E-Learning

Will, YOU are thee man, the Big Kahuna of the pack, the Big Dog all the small dogs aspire to become more like……..! – Principal

Enjoyed it! Time well spent. – Program Manager

I greatly appreciate that you are willing to give of your time to “push” this information to us. Also appreciative of the fact that you are willing to freely share the information (both in the session and as follow-up documents). – eLearning Manager

I like the short, topic specific nature, also the additional one’s like myth of the week and news. It is easy to become so absorbed in the daily details of projects that you forget to apply new things you’re learning –this is a good way to be reminded and to learn new nuggets. – Training Specialist Supervisor

Thanks for the ideas. I have new inspiration. Also, I think the format of the brown bag session is an effective way to share your research. – Consultant

Thank you for sharing your valuable research. – Training Consultant

Will is an extremely knowledgeable person and his ideas have far-reaching benefits to the training field. Offering his job aids free and letting participants share them freely shows how much he values the importance of training and helping ensure that learning is relevant and applicable to the job/skill. He’s outstanding! – Senior Instructional Designer

I like Will’s sense of humor and how it helps to take some of the sometimes-intimidating research down to an accessible level of understanding. – Learning Executive